Healing Care LLC - Core Values

Core values represent the deepest commitments Healing Care LLC makes as it seeks to fulfill the mission God has given us. These values build upon the HC statements of belief and serve as the philosophic foundation of each and every ministry we engage to the glory of God. We intentionally seek to invest these values in everything we do and strategize to specifically fulfill them in practical and observable ways.

These values:

Journey Matters

We believe that Christian formation is a Spirit-driven process that enables believers to live out of their true identity as children of God. The metaphor of journey, so common in Scripture, best illustrates the idea of movement across time through the landscape of life - a continuous process that shapes our internal and external lives to reflect the nature of Christ present within us since the new birth.

Brokenness Matters

We serve a Wounded Healer who meets us in our deepest brokenness. Once we encounter His healing power in the places of our pain, Jesus then uses our wounds as a vehicle of healing in the lives of others. Vulnerability engaged in the atmosphere of God's grace brings transformation; weakness miraculously becomes the channel of His greatest strength.

Safety Matters

Wounded people heal best among a community of Christ's people committed to the ministry of sanctuary. Protecting people from those who would judge, reject and harm opens the way for radical grace. Radical grace turns places of shame into treasured inheritances shaped by God's transforming love. Confidentiality, competency and care intersect to position the broken to encounter the healing Christ in a scandalously sacred place.

Diversity Matters

The family of God is called to celebrate the uniqueness of race, gender, class, age, learning style, physical ability, geography and education. The presence of such uniqueness provides strength in life and reflects the truth that all people are created by God and worthy of respect and dignity. Healing Care LLC is intentional about inclusion at every level of its ministry, from core leadership to participation in any and all events it sponsors.

Growth Matters

Life-long learning is essential to leaders who serve those seeking healing and Christian formation. Leadership in Formational Prayer, spiritual direction and ministry development demands a commitment to personal and professional growth. Healing Care LLC values ongoing education, intentionally integrating insights from theology and the sciences so as to best position people to encounter the transforming power of Christ in the place of pain and brokenness.

Connection Matters

Deep commitments to Christian community are required by those leading Healing Care LLC. It is the value that enables us to maintain faithful, responsible and healthy contributions to the ministry God has given us. We must make this journey shoulder to shoulder - supporting, encouraging and affirming one another as Scripture repeatedly commands. We function best as the Body of Christ when we welcome and honor every member of the team.

The Next Generation Matters

Healing Care LLC is committed to investing in the next generation of Christ-followers, equipping them to extend the ministry of healing and spiritual formation locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Meaningful opportunities for education, mentoring and gift-development for young leaders will be a specific focus of this ministry.

Identity Matters

God's grace has secured believers in their identity as children of God and given them an inheritance that will not spoil or fade. Identity security is ours by faith in Christ, not earned or lost because of good or bad performance. The identity of a child of God is the foundation upon which our uniqueness rests and it opens the way for us to feast at the table of the Lord. Spiritual formation and emotional healing relate directly to this identity security.

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