By Terry Wardle

January 8, 2010

My New Year’s resolution. Snack more. Not a little more. A lot more. I intend to snack every single time it comes to mind. Oh, I still intend to eat regular meals. Good, balanced, healthy meals. But between those meals I am planning to nibble away until my heart’s content. The idea came to me on New Year ’s Day. Cheryl had fixed a great holiday meal. All the “fixins” as they say. I loved it and ate to the full and then more. But within an hour or so, I found myself in the kitchen getting a snack. And so it began. All throughout the day I was in and out of the kitchen. Cookies. Ice Cream. More cookies. Pretzel salad. On and on it went. All New Year’s day. Snacking.

That’s when the idea hit me. Make 2010 the year of a new diet. Regular healthy meals, and all the in-between snacks I can fit in. Sound crazy? Not at all. It’s a great idea. I have already been trying it and it has been amazing. It works like this. Every day I spend time feasting on the Word of God. (Oh, you thought I was talking about snacking on food. No way. If I did that I’d be the size of a house. I’m talking about snacking on scriptures.) I regularly eat a full meal based upon some passage of Scripture. But then, as many times as it comes to mind, I go for a little snack. I simply take my Bible, say a quick prayer, and then open it at random. I allow my eyes to survey the page, choose a passage and take it in. It’s been great. I can do it many times a day, even if I only have a minute or so. I even think it is helping me gain weight … spiritual weight. The kind of weight we all want! Try it. Snacking more. Not a little more. A lot more. You’ll like it.

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