By Terry Wardle

February 1, 2010

I felt lead to read Hebrews chapter 11. Again. The Great Faith Hall of Fame. What Christian has not turned there for some inspiration and a faith boost? I know I have. Countless times. Alright, I’ll admit it. Big faith doesn’t always come easy for me. I’m generally not of the ‘move mountains’ tribe of Christians. I want to be. And, by God’s grace I do have my moments when I sense the Spirit breathe a bit of bold faith into me. Especially when I am praying with a hurting person who needs a touch of the Lord. And when that happens, and I see how faith builds a bridge between human need and God’s provision, it is great. A gift. Yet on most days, I face my struggles. My weakness if you will.

But as I read Hebrews 11, that one verse stood out. It always does. The one about how “their weakness was turned to strength.” That verse always takes my breath away. And it instills hope. Hope that my weaknesses, those oh so familiar struggles, will someday, by the touch of the Lord, actually become a strength. Specifically, I think of some fears I battle. Wow, what would it be like? Not just no longer present. Replaced. With a strength. Replaced by the Lord. For my freedom, His glory, Kingdom advancing. The thought excites me. I feel something happen inside. An infusion of something. What is it? Gosh, I think it’s the rising up of faith … ! Who’d have thought?

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Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I so relate! The Lord bless you, Terry, in the work that you do for people like me.
Susan at 3:45pm EDT - August 31, 2010
Terry - to echo the previous post, I was moved to tears as well - to have hope that struggles won't bar you from eventually growing in faith - it's possible! I've read some of your books and my church/jpastor has been real proponents of your curriculum - it's been so helpful. Thank you so much for your boldness and willingness to share your journey with others - it has been deeply helpful. May the Lord continue to bless you
Mary at 1:42pm EDT - June 4, 2012

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