Outpouring...Give us more!

By Terry Wardle

May 18, 2010

The days at The Outpouring were amazing. After a year of prayer, meetings, and a great deal of preparation the days finally came. The Lord did in fact pour out His Spirit upon us. And we soaked. And sang. And praised. And danced. And soaked some more. Many emails have come to me since we ended our time together. The testimonies are thrilling.

“I was running on empty … I feel refreshed and filled to overflowing, lifting high the name of Jesus.’

‘I am still soaking … I can’t wait to see all of us together again!!”

“It ended too soon …Everything was wonderful.”

“I am still basking in the Blessing of the Father, the Love of Christ, and still feeling the Holy Spirit playing with me…”

Many of us went into these days dry, desperate, and determined to position ourselves for something fresh and new. The Lord did not disappoint us. In fact, we were under an anointing of “More.” I cannot express adequately how grateful I am to Him. Like most of us, my prayer is simple. ‘More Lord, please give us more.”

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MORE LORD! PLEASE, may we here in Arizona have more!

There are only a handful of us here, desperate for God's healing touch for ourselves and for our brethren.

Please join us in prayer for God's hurting people everywhere!
Lorilee in Arizona
Lorilee Immel at 12:16am EDT - September 2, 2010

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