Prison Break

By Terry Wardle

September 20, 2010

Okay, so there I was, early in the morning, spending time with the Lord. Truth be told, I was not in a happy place. I had been struggling with some familiar, all too bothersome, weaknesses and decided to complain to the Lord about the whole mess. This was not the first time He heard about all of this. It was an experience of “second verse, same as the first.” My agitation could best be understood by imagining a man in jail, fed up with his captivity, and fighting to get free. I was pulling at the chains, furiously trying to open the metaphorical door to my own imprisonment. Besides that, I was yelling to try to get His attention, as if he didn’t know that I wanted out.

In the midst of my pre-dawn tirade, the Lord seemed to gently bring two stories of scripture to mind. Both from the book of Acts. Each about a divine prison break. The first, found in Acts twelve is about Peter, sound asleep, chained between two prison guards. No screaming, tugging, pulling at his chains. Sound asleep. And God sends angels to set him free. The second, in Acts sixteen, is about Paul and Silas, locked in an inner dungeon with their feet in stocks. Yell and scream? No. Tug at the stocks? Not once. They simply sang songs of praise to the Lord and left the rest up to him. And the Lord brought an earthquake that set them free.

Hmmm. A new strategy for the morning suddenly made sense. Yes, at times this battle feels like a prison from which I can’t escape. What to do? Praise the Lord, and get some rest. Angels may be on their way.

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ABSOLUTELY LOVE this reminder, Terry ! God keeps things SO simple for us. Thanks for sharing.
Beth Duffey at 10:19pm EDT - September 21, 2010

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