Jesus People

By Terry Wardle

September 27, 2010

I was contemplating joy recently and came to a realization. I am most joyful when I am aware of Christ present in me and through me. The most wonderful moments in my life come when Jesus uses my eyes to see people, my ears to hear their cries, my voice to bring them comfort, my hands to touch, my voice to teach, my feet to go, my wounds to heal, my struggles to strengthen, my heart to love. When he is moving through me, I feel most like the me I was created to be. It is a paradox. More of him through me releases more of the real me.

The evil one will do anything possible to keep people from becoming Christ possessed. He will even use good things, like a preoccupation with service, or mission, or evangelism, or bible reading, if it draws people away from deep intimacy and oneness from Christ. But this I know. The one thing that will never draw people away from Christ is the true movement of the Holy Spirit in their midst.

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit’s coming was a good thing and that the Spirit would testify to Jesus and remind people of all he said (John 15:26 and 16:7). Translated? When the Holy Spirit is moving he is all about Jesus! The Holy Spirit draws all attention to Christ. The more the Spirit fills your life, the more you will be consumed with Jesus. You will want Christ, live Christ, press on for Christ, delight in Christ, give all for Christ, do all through Christ. You will be Christ possessed. One of those people. Jesus people. People of the Presence.

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Thank you for sharing your we know what it means that Jesus was "filled with joy in the Spirit!" PRAISE HIM, HE IS TRULY FAITHFUL!
Lorilee Immel at 10:24am EDT - October 1, 2010

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