By Terry Wardle

October 11, 2010

Perspective. “A mental view or outlook.” “Viewing things in relationship.” “Broadening one’s angel of vision.” Perspective. One call immediately changed my perspective on some of the problems I have been moaning about recently. Oh yes, I moan about things at times, particularly when “things” are not going my way. Irritations would better identify what I am talking about more than using the word problems. But to listen to me when groaning, one would get the impression that these problems are worthy of immediate and utmost attention. I am not saying this stuff is unimportant. But one telephone call immediately changed my perspective as to just how important they were.

“Terry, this is Brad.” (My son in law). “Cara and the kids are okay,(fear immediately flooded my body) but she was just in an accident and demolished the van. The kids were with her, but they are all fine.” Those words changed my feelings about all my “problems.” My problems were now insignificant as I contemplated what could have happened. I gave great praise to God for his care and provision of safety and what previously “concerned” me did not even enter my thinking. My view of things changed, and I was suddenly seeing things in their proper perspective. The truly important was huge before me, and the other matters were mere incidentals to what mattered most.

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