Tracks in the Snow

By Terry Wardle

January 17, 2011

So my recent prayer has been that I would be more attentive to the evidence that the Lord is active around my life. You know, “tracks in the snow” kind of stuff. Early this morning I was praying and I had this faint sense that the Lord said, “I will speak to you today through my Word.” Normally it is possible that I would have just allowed that thought to pass on through. Ignored that it could be anything more than my own inner voice wishing to hear such a message from the L ord. However, given my recent surrender to “tracking”, I decided to embrace that whisper as from him and move toward the word with anticipation.

My scheduled reading had me in Luke 24. Stories I had read hundreds of times. But as I read through the text this morning, open to the whispers of the Lord, something definitely stood out to me. Actually, three related somethings. Three phrases that spoke directly into my own cry for more of the Lord.

“Their eyes were opened…”

“… our hearts were burning…”

“He opened their minds…”

When I read, and reread those phrases I knew this was the word of the Lord for me. Recognizing Jesus, having a quickened heart, and a mind that comprehends what he is saying and doing, at times demands a supernatural transaction, where the Lord opens the spiritual senses which are often dulled and blinded to his very presence. We can interpret that as an absence of god’s presence, when in point of fact it is really an absence of awareness.

As Elizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote, “earth is crammed with heaven, every bush ablaze with God. Those who notice take of their shoes and worship, while most set round and pick berries.”
May we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts ablaze with him. A good prayer for us all.

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