By Terry Wardle

January 24, 2011

Amazing. That is the word that comes to my mind as I consider the Formational Prayer seminar we recently completed. I have done this particular seminar at least forty times. Easily. And every time I leave thinking, “this has been the best ever.” But this time, it was the best ever. The presence of the Lord was evident from the caregivers meeting on Tuesday night, through the final worship and anointing service on Saturday. Teaching, group, worship, ministry, were all deeply touched by the tender presence of Jesus. Repeatedly I heard people comment that something deep had changed in their lives as a result, and they would never be the same. Personally, the first two days found me fighting back tears over and again, driven by the sweetest presence of the Lord.

I know in large part the touch of Christ is on what we do because he has such a tender and healing heart for the emotionally broken. “Bruised reeds he will not break … smoldering wicks he will not put out.” That Isaiah text always comes alive at the seminars. The Lord so wants to heal the broken hearted and as a result he sends the Spirit of healing to touch countless lives.

This time I was also aware of prayer support. There are always people interceding for this event, even at the facility during the event. Powerful! But in addition, I recently enlisted an intercessors core to pray for everything I do. Forty five people who receive a list of concerns and then lift those before the Lord on a daily basis. Really, I felt the additional prayer behind my teaching and ministry.

That brings up a question. Do you have people regularly praying for you? Intercessors who support you before the throne of the Lord. You should, whether on a personal journey of healing or reaching out as a channel of healing to others. Find an Aaron and Hur who will lift up your arms! Today.

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A contingent of Paradise Valley UMC, Paradise Valley, AZ folks were covering you and the carereceivers and caregivers in our prayers, knowing how imperative it is! I am blessed to hear that it was "the best one ever." Course, I happen to know the seminars I have attended were "the best ever!" :)

I covet your prayers for the FP group we are walking with right now.

May God continue to bless the work of your hands and heart! Tawn
Tawn Watkins at 7:26pm EST - January 29, 2011

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