Praying the Promises

By Terry Wardle

January 31, 2011

Years back I heard Armin Gesswein say that prayer is most powerful when you pray the promises. That is a life changing principle. Armin would encourage us to take a passage of scripture that held within it a direct or indirect promise of the Father, and pray it, bible open and heart lifted before the Lord.

There is a particular promise based prayer that I keep in the back of my prayer journal and lift before the Lord all the time. It is based on a set of scriptures that represent the deepest cry of my heart. The text is Ephesians 3:14 – 21. It is a familiar passage and in fact a prayer of Paul for all the followers of Christ. I encourage you to go there now and read the text.

Here is the prayer I lift before the Lord based on the wonderful passage of scripture. Maybe you will find it helpful for you.

Dear Father, please, in the name of Jesus, hear my prayer.

  • Strengthen me by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Fill my heart this day with Jesus.
  • Root me firmly in your deep and wide love.
  • Help me believe in your immeasurably more.
  • Imagine your immeasurably more.
  • Ask for you immeasurably more.
  • Let this flow from the infilling Presence of the Holy Spirit within me.
  • May I bring you glory.
  • Forever and ever, amen.
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I have a step-son who is 15 and has been praying for his dad's salvation since he was saved several years ago. His dad struggles with a mood disorder, and has lots of chaos in his life. He (my step son) is discouraged because his dad isn't saved yet and in the physical, doesn't appear to be the type to get saved. We encouraged him and shared some scripture and wisdom. His redemptive gift is "the giver". Any suggestions on what to do when God doesn't seem to be rewarding his prayers?
Marc DAunoy at 10:41am EDT - July 4, 2011

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