The Father Wound

By Terry Wardle

March 14, 2011

I spoke recently at a men’s event in Columbus. It was amazing. The theme was “The father blessing”, but in fact it was more about the father wound that most all the men carry in their hearts. A wound that is real, and deep, and all too often gets passed on to children. As I spoke I could see the Lord doing a deep work in the lives of these men. They were open, vulnerable, and desperate for the touch of Christ. 460 men of all ages were there. Many responded for ministry, and I was moved by the Lord’s tenderness.

On Saturday morning, I felt led to extend to the men a clear presentation of the Gospel, and invite those who had never received Christ to open their hearts to him. 25 men did so, and it was exciting. After the entire event was over, one of those men came up to me, deeply moved. He said that his wife was a Christian, and that she attended church with his children. But he did not. For some reason, he felt compelled to attend this event. He came alone, knowing no one. As I shared the Gospel, he experienced the presence of the Lord sweeping over him, and he gave his life to Christ. This young man, of maybe thirty or so, was tearful as he told me. He then said, “I can’t wait to go home and tell my wife what happened. It’s her birthday today, you know.” What a gift from the Lord!

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I attended the seminar that Dr Wardle gave on "the father blessing" in Columbus and I can honestly say the Lord was moving there. Father wounds are what has most been haunting me for since I can remember, I am currently 41 years of age, and Dr Wardle had a way of explaining things to me that I hope I will never forget because I never heard them like was explained this weekend . One is that God isn't mad at me and that I am His son on my good days AND my bad days.
It is clear Dr Wardle has been given a gift of understanding and also of teaching scripture in a basic REAL way. Thank you Dr Wardle for taking the time to share and thank God for what He has done and is doing in your life. I feel compelled to say the words "God meant it for good" Genesis 50;20
Brian Reese at 11:36pm EDT - March 15, 2011

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