Never give up!

By Terry Wardle

November 13, 2011

Never give up! How many times I have heard those words over the years, as a call to persevere during life’s difficult moments. It is a good word. Churchill once said only those words when invited to stand and speak at a graduation service. He stood and said, “Never give up. Never, ever give up.” And then he sat down. Enough said.

In Luke 18 Jesus made the same point when teaching about prayer. He told a story about a nagging widow and an unjust judge, who eventually met her request just to get him off her back. Jesus went on to tell his disciples to pray like that. To keep asking, never giving up on the goodness and love of God to eventually come through.

Great advice. But in truth, there have been countless times when all I wanted to do was give up. Many people feel that way when life gets dark and difficult. And, sadly, many people go beyond wanting to give up, and they simply do. Hope and energy exhausted, they unfortunately cave in and surrender to the forces of life bent on destruction.

Which brings me to the point. Sometimes not giving up is the job of those people standing alongside the broken and battered. Believing for them, holding on for them, keeping faith for them. Maybe, just maybe, the admonition to persevere is not just an individual call to perseverance, but a corporate one. Something like, “Hold fast for the broken, keep on praying, loving, and caring. Do it together. Draw from one another’s strength and don’t give up. Believe for them, even when they can no longer believe for themselves. For when you do, God will answer that prayer.”

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How true--I have been going through a very long, seemingly impossible situation, where I know the Lord has called me to be. It has also been a catalyst for bringing up much hurt and traumatic feelings from the past, increasing the difficulty for me. I have been clinging to the Lord, but have needed support from others. My friends, my church, my family all say to leave the situation; but through scripture, the Lord has shown me that I can leave, but I will miss the blessing he has for me through this. If I were my friends, family and church, I would feel the same way towards a friend going through the same difficulty, because in the US, it is easier for us to remove ourselves from the hard places. In other countries, I may not have the option of fleeing difficulty. Reading the above just encourages me all the more to stay in the hard place until the Lord releases me. Even if the situation does not end the way I had hoped, I will have had the opportunity to heal in places within myself that have been hindering me for many years. God bless!
Beth wait at 10:15am EST - November 19, 2011

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