The Holy Spirit in our Lives

By Terry Wardle

November 20, 2011

What can we do to manifest the wonderful, amazing, and often untamed reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives? While the fulfillment of such a desire rests ultimately with the Lord, here are some ways in which we can position ourselves for such an outpouring of His presence. (What follows was originally written for an article I wrote for ALife magazine.)

  • Read the Gospels and Acts with an eye to the activity of the Holy Spirit. Pay attention to the relationship Jesus had to the Spirit in his own ministry. Meditate on Jesus’ teachings related to the Holy Spirit, particularly the Lord’s discussion of the Spirit as paraclete in the Gospel of John. Then move to the book of Acts and see how the Spirit became a living and experienced reality to the followers of Christ.
  • Gather with other followers of Christ and pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon your lives, your churches, and your ministries. Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as “The Gift the Father has Promised” (Acts 1:4 and 5) and he told his disciples to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit before they launched out in ministry. They did wait, but not passively. They prayed night and day until that historic morning when the Spirit revolutionized their lives and empowered them as the People of the Presence. Pray!
  • Read about the men and women of faith who, down through the centuries, allowed the Holy Spirit to fill them with his presence. Whenever you find a world changing Christian you will find a man or woman who allowed the Holy Spirit to number them among the People of the Presence. Read the story of their lives and you will see that their lives were untamed by the infilling presence of the Holy Spirit. What the Father did in them, he will also do in us if we ask. A good starting place? Read the biography of A.B. Simpson, Wingspread.
  • Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is doing around the world today. There are amazing stories of His intervention in people’s lives, as exciting as those recorded in the book of Acts. Stories of God’s transforming power intersecting with the lives of broken men, women, and children. Stories of light invading darkness, love overcoming hate, inclusion replacing rejection, freedom where there has been imprisonment, redemption for those locked in bondage. Tales of life. Tales of the Kingdom. Tales of the People of the Presence.
  • Remember that faith is spelled R-I-S-K. Step out when the opportunity presents itself and allow the Holy Spirit to move through you. Share the Gospel of Christ with people, pray for the sick, intercede for those locked in bondage, ask the Lord to meet the needs of those who are facing trials and hardships. Do this in the name of Christ and by the power of the Spirit, and soon you will have your own stories to tell. You will suddenly discover that the Holy Spirit is alive and well, and numbers you among that untamed, unpredictable, dangerous bunch, forever known as “The People of the Presence.”
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