Redeeming the Broken Places of Our Past

By Terry Wardle

January 8, 2012

I was speaking recently and mentioned at some length that we often work hard to distance ourselves from the difficulties of our past, especially those which have never been resolved or repaired. Such negative memories often become toxic and as a result, bring a certain degree of pain and dis-ease to our lives. So, quite naturally, we try to get as far away from these memories as possible. At times, we work to repress them, often try to forget them, frequently making more than a little effort to place time and distance between us and them.

The strategy of the Lord is quite different. Jesus wants to redeem these broken places in our past, not forget about them.  Maybe this image will work. Imagine that you had a beautiful vase that was hand blown crystal, given to you as a gift from a friend who loved you dearly. It was priceless and precious. Now imagine that you got into an argument with someone, and at a point of uncontrollable rage, you picked it up, threw it across the room, and it broke into a thousand pieces. It is by anyone’s account ruined.

Most of us would ultimately feel terrible about both our outburst of anger and the resulting destruction of something so beautiful. Yet, unable to fix the vase, we would have little left to do but sweep up the shattered pieces and throw them into the trash. And we would look forward to the day when we could forget, when the incident and loss would no longer come to mind. Unfortunately we would soon discover that we are now facing a triple loss. We cannot erase what we did, repair what we broke, nor forget that it happened. It all becomes toxic.

Jesus wants to do something quite different. Something only he can do. He wants to walk back into that memory, not forget it. And he wants you to join him in gathering up all the pieces, both of the memory and the broken vase. And then, he wants to make all things new. He has no intention of erasing, or wasting. He is into redeeming. Going back to get what was precious, and bringing it forward into today so that it can yet serve us to his glory. That is the Lord’s strategy of deep healing. He redeems.

Jesus is committed to making all things new … not making all new things.

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thx Terry !

I was searching form last few months. that how to be get my past. with respect to my profession. I will get contact to my close healer.

thanks for guiding me.
Intuitive Healing at 10:56am EDT - May 24, 2012

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