Teach Me Your Way O Lord

By Terry Wardle

January 29, 2012

Lord, your ways are certainly not our ways. In many cases, we can simply take what we believe to be the way, and turn it upside down in order to discover the kingdom way. A soldier is told that the best way to move is in the dark, staying in the valley, and keeping silent. The enemy will not easily discover you, and you will have the best chance to both fulfill your mission and stay alive.
You have told us that we followers have an enemy and you warned us that he is hell bent on our destruction. You then gave us instructions that look nothing like those above. You told us to walk in the light, to go to the mountain top, and shout. You said that the only way to preserve our lives is to lose our lives. And you certainly showed us by example that the evidence that we have fulfilled our mission often comes when it appears that we have been totally defeated. Like you … at the cross. This all brings new meaning to the cry of the Psalmist, “Teach me your way. O Lord.”

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