Healed and Being Healed

By Terry Wardle

March 25, 2012

I was riding in the car recently with a few young men, when the conversation turned to sports. At one point, when talking about a particularly popular athlete, one of them commented, “That’s the kind of guy I would like to hang out with.”

I get that. The athlete is known all over the country, is well paid, his face constantly on television, and is respected as a person of integrity, generosity, and power. Who wouldn’t want to hang out and be influenced by someone like that?

However I found myself thinking back to the story of David. Not the all powerful, living in the palace, loved by the people, King of Israel David. The running for his life, rejected by Saul, hungry, cold, hiding in a cave David. Who hung out with him and who did he associate with?

The bible says that when David was fleeing for his life he went and hid in the cave of Adullam. And while there, others came to be with him: the discontented, the despised, the indebted and disenfranchised (1 Samuel 22:2) The cave was filled with the cast aside and unwanted. It was the Old Testament version of the land of broken toys. Used, broken, and ignored by the pretty and the powerful. And yet from that group of misfits arose a King and a nation that God dearly loved and blessed.

Truthfully, I know that I am one of the broken. And yes, most of the people I hang with choose to be vulnerable about their own struggles, frailties and flaws. They are men and women who are on a journey of transformation, healed, being healed, and yet to be healed. I love this band of misfit and am deeply grateful that they allow me to be numbered with them.  And somehow, through the mercy and grace of the Lord, the cracked and broken places are actually being used of the Lord to bring healing to others. Amazing isn’t it?

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