Christian Life

By Terry Wardle

May 27, 2012

Eugene Peterson wrote a book entitled The Jesus Way. It is a good book, and the central theme, simply spoken is that the Christian life is about following Christ, (the Jesus Way) and walking along that path the way Jesus did ( again the Jesus way.)  His emphasis is that being a Christian is more than a way of life, but also a way of living. Critical thought.

My mind was drawn to this concept recently, even though I read the book a long time ago. What triggered my memory of Peterson’s emphasis was a situation where a Christian employer had to let go one of his employees.  I choose to believe the reasons were valid because I have no evidence to the contrary. Maybe economy, possibly restructuring, could be performance related. I get that.

But what captured my attention about this necessity, was the way it happened. Abrupt, little explanation, no affirmation for years of faithful service, dropped like a bomb out of nowhere.

What happened, the releasing of employment was sad, though possibly necessary. But the way it happened was just not right. It contributed more pain to an already difficult situation.

It challenged me yet again to remember that I am called not only to do the things Jesus did, but to do them the way Jesus would. I am sure I have acted in the past just like this employer did. I did the right thing, but in completely the wrong way. That is a serious problem, and recollecting my own complicity is such things saddens me. Before judging someone else, I better go before the Lord and pray a simple prayer.

“Lord, where am I not walking the Jesus way, in the way that Jesus did? Help me Lord.”

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