Come Away With Me

By Terry Wardle

June 11, 2012

Mark 6:31 reads, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."

It has been several years since I felt lead of the Lord to use this verse as the theme for our intensive healing retreats, aptly named “Come Away with Me Retreats.” To date, we have held that seven day event 30 or more times, with at least 400 to 450 people participating. These retreats have been a gift of the Lord for sure.

But recently, reading through the gospel of Mark, I have felt stirred to revisit the invitation of Jesus. He asked his followers to get away with him. It was so much more than simply stepping back for a little “R and R.” Jesus wanted focused time of fellowship and rest with his disciples.

Most all of us spend time most days devotionally before the Lord. That’s good. But there are times when the longing within is for something more. A time with the Lord that is more focused, longer, allowing deeper fellowship and prayer. I believe that longing is actually the whisper of Christ inviting us, like his disciples long ago, to come apart.

We can ignore the impulse until it passes, considering the gentle nudge little more than a passing thought. But if we listen, allowing the longing to build, we will find that it is the call of Christ beckoning us to spend time with him. Jesus, extending the invitation of intimacy into our very hearts, drawing us deeper into his embrace.

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