"Waters of Silence and Solitude

By Terry Wardle

June 25, 2012

When Jesus invited his disciples to come away, he told them that they would be going to a quiet place.

Quiet. I wonder sometimes if many of us even know what the experience of quiet is like. Especially today. We have so many ways in which technology has made our world even noisier. Here is an example. Recently I spoke at a three day retreat for pastors. After each teaching session, the participants were given an assignment to be done privately, in quiet, before the Lord. Yet, as soon as the pastors were released for the exercise, the noise began. I watched as they immediately went for cell phones, computers, Ipads and other devices. They were moved, it seemed, by some internal impulse, possibly addiction, to let the noise of life drown out the silence that they desperately needed.

Frank Tuoti, in his book, Why Not Be a Mystic wrote,

“Without the deep cleansing waters of silence and solitude our spiritual life will be stunted and unfruitful, our spiritual arteries clogged.”

When Jesus invites you to come away, quiet is one of the necessary ingredients to a deep experience of his presence. Let’s intentionally turn the noise of the world off. No phones, computers, pagers, computers and the like allowed. Quiet. Be still. It is the soil that nurtures intimacy.

Looking for some help? Read my friend Neal May’s new book. Listening for God; Hearing the Sacred in the Silent. It is good preparation for entering the “come away” experiences of life.

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