Journey to the Lord's Embrace

By Terry Wardle

July 1, 2012

I am convinced that every Christian has a longing to have a regular experience in the Lord's presence. That ache is evidence that people were made to commune with the Lord and only God's love can fill that deep need.

Only Jesus can satisfy the cry of the human heart and He opens His arms to receive the willing into His intimate embrace. The question of course is, "How does that happen?" The most helpful description of the journey to the Lord's embrace comes from the illustration of sailing. I once had an opportunity to chase gray whales off the coast of Mexico. The entire experience was exhilarating to me. Do that involved a certain amount of skill and attention from the captain. He sat at the helm guiding the rudder towards the desired destination. He had to watch for other vessels, all the while looking for the whales and maneuvering close enough to see them on their yearly journey south. The captain also had to set the sails properly and attend to rigging in order to catch the wind so that we could move along the journey.

Experiencing intimacy with the Lord is much like that. To journey towards Christ you must understand the basic principles of devotional intimacy

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