Sailing with Intimacy

By Terry Wardle

July 8, 2012

Consider what we can learn from sailing as we look at experiencing intimacy with the Lord. The first and most important principle is that the "wind" is an absolute necessity in sailing. While the helm and rudder and sails and rigging are necessary, without the wind they are all useless. They have no power in themselves to move the vessel along its plotted course. The captain could wear himself out adjusting the sails, positioning the rudder, setting the rigging, trying to move the ship along. He could even command the entire crew to blow into the sails. But all that activity would amount to nothing. It is all a matter of wind.

So it is with the journey to God's embrace. There are activities you can do to catch the wind of the Spirit. Movement and the experience of intimacy demand the activity of the Holy Spirit. All performance-oriented attempts to cause growth and develop spiritual maturity will end in exhaustion and frustration. The journey to intimacy with God demands the Breath of God. That means you must seek the Holy Spirit's help on this journey to intimacy, surrendering to His presence and power. You need to tell the Spirit about your heart's desire and submit to His leading. Jesus invites you to enter an incredible relationship of intimacy and embrace.

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