Grow to Know

By Terry Wardle

July 22, 2012

Few men and women press in to know the Lord genuinely until they are faced with suffering and trial. While the language of relationship and friendship with Christ graces witnessing and conversation, all too often it is words without substance. Such shallowness remains hidden so long as life is normal. But in times of crisis, the absence of genuine intimacy with the Lord becomes shockingly obvious.

Your eternal well-being, thankfully, does not depend on your embrace of Christ, but rather on His faithful hold on you. Paul wrote in Romans 8:38-39 that nothing can separate believers from the Lord's love-not even (we may surmise) our own immaturity. That truth is a wonderful comfort, yet it offers no excuse for failing to press in to experience depth and intimacy with Jesus Christ. Knowing about the Lord and service Him fiathfully are not enough to sustain people through a season of darkness. You and I must grow to know Him intimately.

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So true. I am learning this the hard way right now. Re reading Draw Close...really need to hear from God and get comfort from the Holy Spirit...I am real unsettled right now.
Paul Stanley at 12:21am EDT - August 10, 2012

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