Cry Out to Him

By Terry Wardle

July 29, 2012

There is a truth that may not seem profound, but it is what been one of the most blessed discoveries of my life and has affected my entire understanding and experience of day-to-day Christian living. What I have discovered has been truly transforming: It is possible in this life to have a relationship with Jesus that goes far beyond mere intellectual understanding of historical facts and theological truths. You can experience a real, emotionally fulfilling and spiritually engaging intimacy with Jesus that grows deeper and deeper with time. This, in fact, is the pearl for which one sells all other possessions. Interestingly, many have their first taste of this mystic, sweet relationship during times of great loss and pain. We cry out for Him much more in the dark, it seems, than when surrounded by light. 

In the latter part of the seventeenth century, Jeanne Guyon wrote a book about spiritual intimacy. She wanted people to know it is possible to have a deep, inward relationship with Christ. She wrote:

As you pick up this book, you may feel that you simply are not one of those people capable of a deep experience with Jesus Christ. Most Christians do not feel that they have been called to a deep, inward relationship to their Lord. But we have all been called to the depths of Christ just as surely as we have been called to salvation.

What Guyon emphasized three hundred years ago needs to be the heart cry of God's people today. We should long to experience an intimate walk with Christ that is tangibly present within our inner being. Such a relationship is not only our privilege, but a necessity in the face of life's uncertainties and demands.

When the storm of trial rages, we need Jesus as never before. Jesus Christ is th inexhaustible source of life, healing and wholeness. His riches are unsearchable, discovered over time by those willing to seek Him intimately and love Him passionately.

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