We Hide...We Lose

By Terry Wardle

August 19, 2012

The principle that "the truth will set you free" (John 8:32) has the potential to transform a person's life.Satan uses whatever an individual hides to distort, deceive and eventually destroy him or her. Darkness is his playground, and he will use every hidden thought or wound or false belief to choke the very life from a person. All while he works to convince people that rejection, scorn and shame await if others find out what is really there. So, to one degree or another, we hide...and we lose.

People experiencing seasons of emotional and spiritual upheaval are most often there becauase of such hiddenness. The Lord wants them free, so He allows the desperation of darkness to settle in as a motivation to bring things into the light. Only in the light can healing begin. True freedom demands that every thought, feeling and belief be open to examination. Satan works in hiding but Jesus sets people free through truth and honesty.

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For years I lived in opression and darkness in a very abusive relationship. No one would have ever guessed. We were well known and liked in our community, by our neighbors and in our church. I hid the truth from everyone because I had come to believe the abuse was somehow my fault. It was not until we had a baby and the abuse started happening in front of him that I found the strength and courage to tell the truth and seek safety. This was one of the first verses the Lord brought to my mind as I fled from my abuser. It has been a very difficult and painful road but I cannot agree more that I have been set free. The shackles of oppression have fallen off as I bring what was hidden into the light. So thankful for God's word.
Holly at 2:12pm EDT - October 10, 2012

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