Searching for Freedom

By Terry Wardle

August 26, 2012

In our search for freedom we must consider several different aspects of truth. It is important that we realize some things about facing truth. First, most of us have lived a long time hiding certain feelings and thoughts and embracing various false beliefs. Most likely we took these on as children as a way of interpreting or controlling our world. As children we were probably not able to see what was really there or discern the difference between what was deception and what was true. Therefore, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit every step of the way. Paul told us that where the Spirit is, there is freedom. We need to surrender to His internal search, submitting to His sancitifying process. The Holy Spirit is our most important Counselor, so we must be sure to turn this entire process over to Him.

Remember that finding freedom is not the result of a single spiritual experience. It comes about through an ongoing encounter with the Holy Spirit. It involves seeing what is hidden and distorted, repenting and releasing all that is not of God, and discovering and embracing the truth that sets people free. This process will be difficult and takes time, but the Lord is there to give encouragement and strength.


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