Unpopular but Essential

By Terry Wardle

September 2, 2012

Although talking about sin is unpopular in some churches today, it must  be addressed head on. Every attitude, action and appetite of the flesh is ground for Satan's activity. He will use each one to enslave people in self-destructive behavior, shame them with feelings of guilt and self-rejection and separate them from the intimacy God intends. While sin seems pleasing for a season, it ultimately disappoints and destroys. It is serious business-so much so that Jesus gave His life to free people from its death grip.

With compassion and understanding we must face the truth about in the sin in our lives. It must be recognised and repented from so that we can receive Christ's promised forgiveness and rejoice in the love and grace of our Father.

Whether it be blatant sin, secret sin, or even unknown sin, the Lord wants to reveal to us the behaviors in our lives that are both unbiblical and unhealthy. In opening yourself to the Holy Spirit, you will find that He often reveals sin where you do not see it (and most likely society does not).Society will ask, "What's the problem?" But the Word of God shows us what attitudes and actions can be sinful and destructive.

On the journey toward freedom, the Holy Spirit will challenge every habit, appetite and behavior that in any way falls short of God's Word. He does this out of love, seeking to eliminate all ground for evil and to empower people to lie healthy, whole lives.

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