By Terry Wardle

September 9, 2012

Many of our thoughts, feelings and misbeliefs are the product of deep wounds caused by significant people in our lives at times of vulnerability. The wounding whether physical or emotional, brought great pain. As a result we often react with some bad choices in hopes of killing the pain and protecting outselves from further harm.

When we have the courage to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is behind the behavior we use to protect ourselves we then have the opportunity to face whatever truth is exposed. As we are willing to be Spirit directed He will often gently peel back the defenses we use to protect ourselves in order to expose the core issues in our lives. As the Spirit reveals hidden wounds, it may be painful at first but ultimately  it is freeing.

What defenses am I using to protect myself?

Do I have the courage to ask Him to reveal the truth to me about those defenses?

What wounds might be contributing to the defenses I have used to protect myself?

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That was an awesome message.

I heard Dr. Sanders speak at a church that I am visiting.
A man of God who sounded like a real person, with real questions for your own soul to answer..Loved, loved, loved him...which brought me to this site.

I have recently been asking the holy spirit to help me see..
And yes it is brave and courageous.

karen kovalcik at 6:37pm EST - December 26, 2012

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