Serving together for the same cause

By Terry Wardle

September 16, 2012

The distinction between lay and professional ministry has hurt the church. It has given the false impression that some special people have been called of God to spend their lives in ministry, while the rest go about life as normal. It has also caused some dear people to think that they are second-class citizens, unable to really serve the Lord. It has provided other with a license to stay uninvolved. This is tragic, for the words of Jesus give all an opportunity to make their life count, as well as present an obligation for His people to fulfill His command.

The church is a family where everyone has opportunity to serve the cause of Christ.The path of ministry is for us all, with great privilege and opportunity awaiting those who move out to serve as Christ’s disciples. This needs to happen as people have had opportunity to grow and become secure in the love of God.

It is important that believers recognize that we are all ministers of Christ. Some people, like myself, serve the Lord by working for a Christian organization where all their time is spent in activities that are clearly related to Christian service. Pastors have ministries like that, as do evangelists, teachers, missionaries and Christian counselors. Their vocations provide a direct context to do kingdom work.

 The majority of Christian ministers serve in secular jobs, where they daily have the opportunity to fulfill Christ’s command. They may be doctors, nurses, bank clerks, factory workers, schoolteachers, homemakers, students or bus drivers. While the work they perform does not always seem directly related to ministry, the context provides an opportunity to serve people as they serve the Lord.

While we are all called, each individual believer is placed in ministry and equipped for service in his or her unique way.

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Add to the lay category the fact that you have been divorced and the odds of serving just go down in some churches. I am so thankful that RKCC did not see Linda and I as damaged goods but rather as wounded healers. We have had the opportunity to be involved in Marriage Mentoring and the painful experience of our past has actually given us credibility with those whose marriage is in crisis. Linda has a favorite saying which is "God wastes nothing", so He uses our past for His good.
Mike Hurley at 5:49pm EDT - October 25, 2012

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