We all are a part

By Terry Wardle

September 23, 2012

In I Corinthians, chapter twelve, Paul used the human body as a metaphor for the church. He emphasized that there is only one body of Christ, which is the church. This church is to be His body on earth, doing what He would do if He were still here. And this one body, the church, is to get its orders from its head, Jesus Christ. The body cannot go off on its own and do as it pleases. It must submit to Christ, for he is in charge. The body, which is made up of all believers, is also to work in harmony if it wants to fulfill the commands of the Lord effectively. There must be unity, while accepting and celebrating diversity.

Paul also emphasized diversity in I Corinthians twelve. He said that the body of Christ is made up of many different parts, just like the human body. In this case the parts are people, placed in the body according to God’s will. People are to serve as the hands and legs, eyes and ears of the Lord, all working together to fulfill the Lord’s commands. No part of the body is more important than the other. Each is doing a different, but essential, part in being the body of Jesus on earth.  If a member of Christ’s body decides not to do its part, then the body is handicapped and will not be able to function in the world as it could. That is again why every person  must do his or her part.

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