My deepest longing

By Terry Wardle

October 4, 2012

Presence of the Spirit among the People of the Presence.

That’s certainly the core of the concern is it not? That sentence represents the deepest longing of my heart, and the hearts of countless Christians all over the world. And our greatest need. We long for the Presence. We must have His Presence. We are little more than a tame imitation without his Presence.

We will only be a force in the world when we are once again clearly, and dangerously, the People of the Presence. The people who, when gathered two or more, experience and manifest the power of the living God.

Frankly, I am not desperate for another Christian song, or sermon, or program, or carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation. I am desperate for Him, to move upon me and through me, and to gather with other Christians seeking the same.

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"....and to gather with other Christians seeking the same." Amen to this. Can we move towards another Outpouring event next year?
John Wilson at 2:30pm EDT - October 4, 2012
I recently learned a Hebrew word, HESED.
To know he has a committed love, an unfailing love to me, that is PRICELESS and such security in these changing times.
The meaning of this word has begun to transform my prayer life in thanking HIM for HIS lavish, devoted, committed, unfailing love for me, for those I love and for those not so easy to love.
KAREN KOVALCIK at 6:55pm EST - December 26, 2012
Amen, I see the same need here in South Africa, Durban.
David Olds at 8:15am EST - January 1, 2013

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