By Terry Wardle

October 11, 2012

I constantly meet people who struggle with their self-image and sense of purpose. That is a difficult battle to face and is often complicated by feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. God’s Word addresses that problem head on when it teaches people that they are vital to the plan of God for the world and spiritually gifted to fulfill the commission of the Lord. God has placed treasures of the Spirit inside every believing person. Christians are challenged to go on an internal treasure hunt of self-discovery and celebrate all that God has placed within them. Some believers may not know their purpose, but God does, and it relates directly to the commission of Christ and the gifts that the Spirit has given to them.

            It will take time for believers to discover their gifts and then grow in them. This will need to involve reading about them in scripture, studying them with other Christians, and praying about which gifts may be present within them. But this effort should be exciting to Christians, strengthening the conviction that God has made them unique for a very special purpose and plan.

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