By Terry Wardle

October 25, 2012


Preaching a series of sermons on the Holy Spirit at Five Stones Community Church in Ashland, Ohio, I asked what it would take for the un-taming of the church. That’s right. Un-taming. In far too many ways in far too many places, the church is tame. It frightens no one and at times even works to that end. People approach, enter, experience, and leave the gathering of Christ’s people in a cavalier fashion. As if it is no big deal. And beyond that, they seldom if ever anticipate that things there will be in the category of the “amazing.” Jesus touching people with the power of the Kingdom kind of amazing.

The society in which we live is not tame. Nor is the unseen force of darkness that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Beneath the surface of even the most civilized community lies tremendous brokenness and pain. People of every race, age, gender, economic level, and religious disposition are impacted by forces, either subtle or overt, bent on misery and death.

Tame churches will never impact an un-tame world. The church can try to look nice, talk nice, even be nice all it wants. But to bring change and transformation, there must be far more than good lighting, flashy presentations, and interesting film clips. There must be a power that is good, yet far from tame. A power that attracts the people of God yet frightens them at the same time. A power that is mysterious, magical, wonderful, and amazing. A power that is holy in the truest sense of that word. That inspires awe, and transforms anyone and everyone that comes under its presence.

Presence. That’s the word isn’t it. Presence.

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Yes, this is so true. If His presence does not go with us, I am staying put. I am enjoying listening to what I have been able to find you thtough iTunes and google. Very blessed by what you share and in totally agreement with your insights of brokeness. Bless you.

Carlisle, England
Tim Wright at 6:47pm EST - November 11, 2012
Dear Mr Terry Wardle,

I read your book on "Draw close to the fire" and it so touched, refreshed and enlivened me like hardly any other has done. I was drawn into an intimate walk with the blessed Holy Spirit like never before. Thank you and God bless you for sharing that book with the world!

I also agree whole-heartedly with your above article, but now, how do we see the-untaming of the church develop, I ask? What can I do about it?
David Olds at 8:09am EST - January 1, 2013

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