What have we become?

By Terry Wardle

November 1, 2012

Gorden Fee describes in one of his books Israel as the People of the Presence. The phrase itself says it all. People of the Presence. Its worth writing again. People of the Presence. It hits right at the heart of that missing something. It is a missing Someone. The Holy Spirit.

Have we moved away from being the People of the Presence, to something else?

The people of the program?

The people of the PowerPoint?

The people of the post modern presentation?

My thoughts go back to an insight offered once by A.W.Tozer, author and Christian and Missionary Alliance leader who went to be with the Lord years ago. Considering the state of the local church, he commented that if the Holy Spirit withdrew from the average congregation, 95% of what was happening there would remain unchanged. Ouch!

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Well said Dr. Wardle! Well said! ! !
Mike Pratt at 11:42am EST - December 3, 2012
Well said Dr. Wardle! Well said! ! !
Mike Pratt at 11:52am EST - December 3, 2012

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