Growing Along the Path

By Terry Wardle

December 9, 2012

I believe that “journey” Christians will experience growth in several areas as they commit to following Christ along life’s path. First and foremost, believers have the opportunity to experience increasing levels of intimacy with the Lord. As Christians move along the path with Christ, they are drawn into deeper experiences of love and intimate embrace with their Eternal Lover.

How does that happen?

Every time Christians turn to Christ for guidance and strength, their relationship with Jesus grows. When trials come, difficulties threaten to overrun, and doubts assail, wise pilgrims look to the Lord. Soon they find that they receive more than help in such moments. They become more deeply bonded to Christ. In time, the glory of the journey is not simply the help He brings, but the  satisfying experience of His presence. Jesus told His followers that knowing him was the key to eternal life, and the relationship he was referring to was full of love and tenderness (John 17:3). 

We were made for such intimacy and are never satisfied with substitutes, regardless of how important they seem to be. We want Christ!!

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