A Clean Slate Before Us

By Terry Wardle

December 30, 2012


There is always a sense of clarity that comes with a new year. It is a clean slate. On January 1 a whole array of possibilities spread before us in an unmarred and unique way. With all of the possibility that accompanies a new year we can't help but wonder, "what will this year hold for me?" I am so thankful for the promise that Christ Jesus is with us this year as it unfolds. He desires to identify the landscape of this journey in a way that will help you see and experience Him along the way.

I come alive with feelings of gratitude and joy as I look ahead. I look to the past and am reminded that the Lord has been immeasurably good to me. I have received countless mercies from His hand, and blessings more than I am able to number. He has used both successes and failures to change me, and in spite of my weakness He has been gracious, abundantly gracious. I have been allowed to serve the Lord in ways I had never dreamed possible, with some of the most wonderful people in the world. And there has been good fruit.  It is impossible for me to think about these things without welling up with great emotion. The experience is humbling and exciting at the same time. Sometimes there are even tears.

Look ahead with anticipation and tune into the possibilities that Christ has set before you on the journey this year. May it be a fulfilling and fruitful 2013!!

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