A Celebration of Community

By Terry Wardle

January 17, 2013

Believers must find a place to commit to growing with other members of God’s family. A healthy Christian community is one that will be full of grace and patience. They will be protective and clearly committed to helping people grow strong in Jesus Christ. Christians who come to the crossroad of community should be prayerful about the church or group they choose to join. While being fully committed to community, they should look for a place that shows love and acceptance to all who enter their midst. There should be a spirit of celebration in the community as well as the feeling that newborns are an absolute delight to them. And relationship must be a priority, with Jesus and with one another.

Granted, no community will be perfect. But healthy churches are available and waiting to welcome all who choose to consider Christ as Savior and Lord of the journey. It will not be a place where belief, behavior, and service is more important than growing closer to Christ and following Him on the journey of life. Loving Jesus will be the passion of this community and loving one another the natural outflow of that delight. And children are always the special people in the family. Yes, believers must find such a place and commit to growing with other members of God’s family.

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