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Come Away With Me

Mark 6:31 reads, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." It has been several years since I felt lead of the Lord to use this verse as the theme for our intensive healing retreats, aptly named “Come Away with Me Retreats.” To date, we have held that seven d Read More...
Author: Terry Wardle
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Coming Together

Every Wednesday evening, about 7pm, a gathering begins at our farm. Seminary students, university students, and a few people from the community draw together for fellowship, food, and time discussing the Kingdom of God. And of course, there is prayer. This weekly gathering has been a gift for Chery Read More...
Author: Terry Wardle
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"Waters of Silence and Solitude

When Jesus invited his disciples to come away, he told them that they would be going to a quiet place. Quiet. I wonder sometimes if many of us even know what the experience of quiet is like. Especially today. We have so many ways in which technology has made our world even noisier. Here is an examp Read More...
Author: Terry Wardle
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