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What is Your Focus?

I recently finished reading a new book on the Holy Spirit by Jack Levinson called Fresh Air. It was a good read and definitely had some challenging ideas in it. When speaking of Paul, he comments that he, Paul, was unquestionably concerned about sin, and even goes to some length in several of his le Read More...
Author: Terry Wardle
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What Brings Us Together

What is it that causes us to focus on what separates us, rather than what unites us? I’m not sure, but there certainly are many possibilities aren’t there. Competition. Arrogance. Judgments. Fear. Pride. Prejudice. Immaturity. Unforgiveness. Just plain nastiness. Nothing good in that lis Read More...
Author: Terry Wardle
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Christian Life

Eugene Peterson wrote a book entitled The Jesus Way. It is a good book, and the central theme, simply spoken is that the Christian life is about following Christ, (the Jesus Way) and walking along that path the way Jesus did ( again the Jesus way.)  His emphasis is that being a Christian is mor Read More...
Author: Terry Wardle
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