FP Caregivers and Affiliated Ministries

Formational Prayer Caregivers

From time to time, individuals interested in receiving care from a Formational Prayer caregiver request a list of individuals in their area to whom we might refer them. For your reference, we have posted a list of these caregivers below.

FP Caregiver Referral List


The Healing Place (Mechanicsville/Richmond, Virginia)

This ministry built upon the belief that the Church is to be a "healing place" for a hurting world, is a ministry of healing, compassion and care for the broken. To accomplish this, we believe God is bringing together like-minded pastors, Christian counselors and congregational care ministers who have a burden for reaching out to the lost, the broken and hurting of this world. Concerned about their wholeness and well-being, it is a vision of churches establishing themselves as a healing place, filled with compassion that offers healing for the broken - that reaches out with hope to the poor, oppressed, marginalized and forgotten. For more information about The Healing Place, click the link above to visit their website.

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