"As a Christian nurse working in mental health, I have seen that psychology alone does not usually bring total healing. The Christ-centered teaching of the Formational Prayer Seminar is helping me understand how the Holy Spirit works through the caregiver to bring inner healing, the missing piece in my work."

- Eleanor Poe, RN
"The Formational Prayer Seminar is an insightful and life-giving opportunity for training in healing those with wounded hearts. I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Wardle for his open and honest approach blending sound psychology and biblical Truth."

- Pastor Thom Gardner
"The Formational Prayer Seminar training that we received has resulted in significant personal growth while equipping us to greater fruit in our ministry with others."

- John & Kathy Brubaker
"The Formational Prayer Seminar has opened new doors for me, showing me how the Holy Spirit desires to meet with us and bring us complete healing in every area of our lives!"

- Pastor Brian Diffenderfer
"The Formational Prayer Seminar profoundly impacted me both personally and professionally. My relationship with Jesus was deepened immensely during the intense prayer times. During those four days I drank in the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit. This greater intimacy with Christ spilled over naturally into my counseling profession as I continue to bring an awakened spirit to my sessions with the hurting people to which I minister."

- Donna Thomas, D.Min., L.P.C.C
"I believe Formational Prayer is the most effective method for helping hurting people allow the Holy Spirit to bring them into true transformation and empowerment. Upon completion of Dr. Terry Wardle’s seminar, I began to see the clients in my practice receive the same incredible healing power that I am so grateful to have experienced first hand."

- Carol M. Young, M.A.P.C.
"So many things that I have known and believed in my head have finally penetrated my heart. "

- Anonymous Retreat Participant
"There are pivotal events in one's life that truly change a person and the Formational Prayer Seminar has been such an event in my life. In my work, people trust me to enter the private and pain-filled parts of their lives but I no longer enter those sacred chambers alone. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, I am able to bring Jesus to hurting and wounded people and through His presence they find healing.

As a result of this seminar I am on a journey, an exciting journey. I am learning how to allow the Holy Spirit to live and work through me and I am being blessed in the process. This seminar has helped me realize God's true purpose for my life and I am filled with the joy of His presence. "

- L. Ann Hamel, Ph.D.
"The Essentials was truly a transformational experience for me. The concepts that I learned are far more than merely information – something to be filed away and forgotten. I encountered God in the classroom, in the chapel, and during private ministry time. These encounters were episodic in nature and have now become an intricate part of the overall narrative of my life! I have already incorporated and integrated much of what I learned and experienced into my ministry context and I intend to continue doing so. Thanks to everyone who took part in making it happen."

- Jeffery L Caldwell
"For me the essense of the workshop was the fact that it dealt with seminal principles blending a secular curricular approach with the spiritual components that glue everything together. So often when we are dealing with anxiety and dysfunction, we get one approach or the other, but not both. I enjoyed the seminar thoroughly. "

- Ken Packard
"The attention to group dynamics in lecture was priceless. It was very practical, and equipped well (“This is how you do it!”). The balance between small group work and the lectures was just right. Thank you for passing on the precious deposit placed within you, and doing it in such a personal way. We are so grateful. The group leaders were perceptive, skillful, and empathic…what rich times of worship and healing we experienced together."

- Small Group Seminar attendee
"I attended the Why Leaders Lose Heart seminar on March 24-28, 2014. The seminar gave me hope that obstacles and barriers that keep us from truly connecting with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, can be eliminated or at least minimized. If you have the desire to be cleaned up from the inside out, attending this seminar is a must!"

- Mark
"At this stage of the journey, I attended the Why Leaders Lose Heart training to complete CEU's and to gain some tools to share with staff and young pastors that I meet with. What a shock to have a life and ministry transforming personal experience."

- Scott
"This seminar [Why Leaders Lose Heart] is not just for those hanging by a thread, but for me; it gave me the skills to identify the areas of my life, my ministry, and my soul that I need to continually care for to be certain I don't lose heart and remain passionate and excited about the Calling God has given me. "

- Mike C.
"This seminar [Why Leaders Lose Heart] is a must for the pastor or leader who wants to recapture the joy of their calling and continue in that joy for the long haul. "

- Jeff K.
"The Why Leaders Lose Heart experience is an excellent preventive measure. This is like an immunization against losing heart, and the resources provided I have returned to repeatedly. I believe that any follower of Jesus who leads in any capacity whatsoever would benefit greatly from this seminar."

- Michelle Dayton, MD
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