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Healing Care
 is dedicated to equipping Christian caregivers to help broken people find freedom and wholeness in Christ. Integrating Formational Prayer and Transformational Spiritual Direction, Healing Care provides seminars, conferences, and various other resources designed to empower caregivers as healing servants of the Lord.

New book by Terry Wardle: Identity Matters

True Christian identity rests upon the rock solid promise that we are the children of God. Discovering who we are in Christ unlocks an inheritance that is eternal, secure, and overflowing with transforming grace that changes our lives at the deepest level, unleashing amazing possibilities for life and ministry. God's promise brings the unshakable certainty that at the core of our lives, we are forever hidden in Christ. This book will be released in August, 2017, but to obtain a copy now, contact us at Lynne@healingcare.org.

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Free Resource from Healing Care: Invitation to a Healing Journey

We are excited to share a new FREE resource that we have created for you! Dr. Terry Wardle has recorded a 5-part video series entitled, "An Invitation to a Healing Journey," that is designed as an introduction to why it is important for us to be on an ongoing healing journey with the Lord. These 20-25 minute sessions can be used with your family, a few friends, a small group, a Sunday School class or in various other contexts and are accompanied by a listening guide to help facilitate discussion as you dig deeper with others into the journey of healing and transformation. The first video is posted above, but all five videos and the listening guide can be accessed here.

"Slingstones" Podcast by Dr. Terry Wardle
Also available at Podbean.com or through iTunes

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